Falmouth Enterprise July 27, 2012
“Ms.Donoghue is an accomplished musician welcomed into even the most prestigious sessions during her frequent visits to the family home in County Kerry”

Joe Lineen-CO Clare-..."One Tuesday nite, last summer gone, our band had the pleasure of meeting Peig Donoghue. We gig every summer in the Bellbridge House Hotel and Peig joined us on one of those nites. This woman has an ear for music and understands and respects  music, the rhythm that Peig has playing the Bodhran is perfect and enhanced the tunes enormously, we had a lovely night with a lovely down to earth person.....Thank you Peig"

Greg Johnson-USA  “Peig is a wonderful addition to our Sunday performances at the Chatham Squire! Her tasteful and spot on Bodhran drumming creates a powerful foundation for the other instruments.”

Rose Clancy USA- Peig is our regular bodhran player at the weekly session. I have also had the pleasure of playing various gigs with her over the years. Her playing is steady and complimentary to the tunes. I love the subtlety of her style. Peig also knows the tunes she is playing and works hard at arranging her accompaniment which  results in a lovely supportive rhythm. Always enjoy playing with Peig!

Maureen Kelly-USA
Peig is a great character and she adds a solid rhythm to the music with her Bodhran playing. I have played with Peig at many sessions on Cape Cod, and her accompaniment gives the drive and that little extra lift to the music that compliments the music without overpowering it. Peig has a great sense of timing and I enjoy her arrangements and phrasing on the Bodhran. It is the spontaneity of her humor combined with her lovely playing that always makes it an enjoyable time!